Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Celebrating PPM's Diamond Jubilee (1955-2015): 60 Years of Leadership and Commitment towards Librarianship in Malaysia

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Greetings from Librarians Association of Malaysia (PPM).  We will be celebrating our Diamond Jubilee (1955-2015): 60 Years of Leadership and Commitment towards Librarianship in Malaysia and CONFERENCE ON LIBRARIANS FOR THE CYBER WORLD on
Date : 14-15 September 2015
Days : 2 Days
Venue : Pullman Hotel, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
No library has been immune to technological changes – whether academic, public, national or even school libraries. This has made it incumbent upon librarians to review their role, giving rise to a new breed of librarians who have become adept at adapting to the digital environment, using modern tools and systems and providing services as intermediary, facilitator and educator in the business of providing information.
As a consequence of technological advancements however, libraries and librarians have had to cope with the demands of a new set of users – technology-savvy, expecting nothing less than accurate and speedy method of retrieval of info, greater access to numerous networks, possessing skills in coping with the ever-changing technology – resulting in the need to upgrade their own knowledge, skills and competencies, so as to be fully equipped to serve the cyber world. This new breed of librarians are confronted with the need to understand and integrate technology into library practice, function as catalyst for lifelong education, serve as research intermediaries, and as facilitators in searching for information and knowledge in cyber space.
It has not been altogether a smooth transition in role from librarian to cyberarian, with many complex issues confronting libraries and librarians.
This conference on the topic “Librarians for the Cyber World” – will highlight issues that are reflected in the sub-topics detailed below:
Session 1 :       Developing Lifelong Learning Skills via Libraries
Session 2 :       Developing Competencies for 21st Century
Session 3 :       Coping with Technology
Session 4 :       Leadership

*Facilitate discussion on the developments in librarianship
*Foster professional linkages among librarians within Malaysia and beyond
*Provide exposure to the concept and practice of cyber librarianship

Conference Highlights:
  • Paper presented and discussion on critical issues in Cyber age librarianship:
-          Lifelong education
-          21st century competencies for Cyber age
-          Leadership
-          Technological advances
  • Pre-conference Workshop on “Leveraging on Social Media to Enhance Library Services” (13 September 2015)
  • Knowledge Café on Transforming Information Management to Knowledge Management

Target Audience:
Librarians, Information Managers, Record Managers, Knowledge Managers, Information Professionals and Administrators from:
  • Private Institutions
  • Special and Public Libraries of Government Agencies
  • Academic Libraries and Higher Learning Institutions
  • Library-related Organisations in Asian Countries
  • Students of Higher Learning

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